Contest Rules

Purpose of Initiative

Through the web site “” FGF Industry Spa offers to those who register the following opportunities:

  • Join the Comunity Blauer Friends;
  • Send multimedia materials that portray the writing, in order to be published on the website and replicated on other principals connected to the comunity Blauer Friends (social networks and other websites), subject to approval by the sponsoring company;
  • Compete for awards, promotions and special publications according to specific rules in the section AWARDS and ACHIEVEMENTS;
  • Get offers and promotional communications relating to the products of FGF Industry Spa dedicated to members of the comunity Blauer Friends

Business Promoter

FGF Industry Spa, Vicolo Bellini 12, 35121 (PD) Italy – VAT number 03315890289


Votes will be collected on the website until 20/12/2012 day on which the voting will be closed. The winners will be announced on 24/12/2012 at /winners


Italian National Territory

Awards and Achievements

Course structure

  • In order to compete for the prizes from the contest, you must register website, authorizing the processing of personal data in accordance with what is described in section PRIVACY;
  • Members who have successfully completed the registration process will send your multimedia material, using the form on the website or other social network platforms;
  • Participants declare under our responsibility that the inscription on Facebook took place before the start of the competition;
  • The multimedia material must depict the self-certifies in writing that his liability under the correspondence of the identity of the subject with that of the same in publishing;
  • The subject must necessarily be portrayed wearing Blauer USA Original clothes. Must not be visible other marks or logos;
  • The photographs taken by members of the comunity, are published only after approval by the sponsoring company and its final judgment;
  • The multimedia material posted is marked with the logo Blauer USA and the competitor is aware that nothing is owed to the outside of the prizes described herein;
  • The multimedia material sent by competitors and that the sponsoring firm declines to publish, will not be stored or reused in any way;

Nature and approximate value of prizes

  • GOAL “Highest number of votes”: The 2 profiles (1 man and 1 woman) that will gain the highest number of votes, intended as the sum of all the multimedia material published for each profile, will be entitled to receive a Blauer USA jacket for a market value of about € 500.00 / each. Sizes of jackets are defined and cannot be changed or selected by the winner: small for woman (S) and large for man (L).
  • GOAL “Most rated of the week”: Each week will be selected 5 profiles that have the highest number of votes, calculated as the relative sum of that week, including all materials published by individual media profile. These will be highlighted in a special section of the website and/or, on other pages hosted by the facebook platform.In this case there is no prize at the outside of the possibility to gain visibility in order to obtain a greater number of votes.
  • GOAL “Most commented”: Periodically, will be selected the profiles that have the highest number of comments. These will be highlighted in a special section of the website and on page initiative, hosted by the platform Also in this case there is no prize at the outside of the possibility to gain visibility in order to obtain a greater number of votes.
    NOTE: Comments submitted by the profile owner will not be taken into account for this goal.

IMPORTANT: The ratings mentioned in this Regulation are those of the participants gathered on the pages within the website
Facebook Likes do not contribute in any way for the purpose of announcing the winners.

To ensure public faith in the determination of the winners will attend an official of the Chamber of Commerce

In case of a tie

Where situations arise parity, will be the fate determine the outcome of the playoff.

Other Prizes

Participants who do not win the first prize are entered in n°4 T-Shirt Blauer USA.

Prizes Delivery

  • The prizes are delivered to eligible within three (3) months from the identification of winners;
  • The awards will take place (winner’s choice) by shipment or by picking it up in an FGF Industry Spa authorized store.

Non profit Organization that will receive prizes not awarded

After a period of 6 months from the date of detection of the winners, if the victors themselves do not request the withdrawal of rewards, the same will be donated to NPO Fondazione Tommasino Bacciotti.

Each participant raises Facebook from all liability.

Blauer Friends contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Blauer Friends contest’s participants provides their informations to  FGF Industry Spa and not to Facebook.

Law and Jurisdiction

This regularly is governed by Italian law. Any dispute arising from the use of the website “” will be donated to the jurisdiction of the consumer.